Map from CBBC’s Newsround

The Council for Arab-British Understanding (Caabu) filed a formal complaint about what the council described as an ” inaccurate” and “biased”  Gaza guide broadcast on CBBC’s Newsround.

Caabu says:

We understand that this is a short report. However, there are numerous factual accuracies. The issue of bias is based on the lack of reference to the most essential elements of Palestinian history in this conflict and why they are fighting Israel. We believe that it is doubly important to report this accurately and fairly given that it is aimed at children.

The report, an introductory video called “History of the Gaza conflict”, was aired on November, 21. In its formal complaint, Caabu lists twelve detailed inaccuracies. On its website website, the council briefly summarizes them:

The video gives no mention to the conflict before the Second World War, or the refugee crisis following the creation of the state of Israel. The issue of refugees is especially important to understand Gaza since 70% of the population are refugees. It says that Israel regained control of the West Bank and Gaza Strip in 1967. Moreover, the report mentions the occupation of the West Bank after the 1967 war and does not mention the effects of the blockade on life in Gaza.

Caabu asked the BBC to take down the video from CBBC website, issue an apology and produce a new report. BBC has apparently removed the video as I could not find it anywhere. However, the written guide entitled: why are Israel and the Palestinians fighting over Gaza, is still inaccurate. For instance, according to the report, “Israel finally left Gaza in 2005 but soon after, a group called Hamas took control there”. There is no mention, of the democratically elected Hamas in 2006.

This  tweet sent to Caabu’s twitter account by  @dynamyq sums it all:

@Caabu there was biased reporting on every BBC programme not only newsround and not just the BBC. You would need to complain to everyone!


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